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Top-up your Blackcatcard account using a Top-up code. Buy a card with a Top-up code of any denomination - 10, 20, 50, 100 or 500 EUR. Just enter the Top-up code in the mobile application and replenish your Blackcatcard, wherever you are*.

Top-up can be purchased here

*internet connection is mandatory

Online bookings and purchase discounts,

Pay for any of your online purchases using Blackcatcard and get bonuses. To do this, you need to choose one of the bonus programs offered in the mobile application. You can spend your bonuses on gifts, payments and transfers or for cash withdrawals.

First bonus program Earn 2.2% a year
Monthly interest payout

Second bonus program 0.1% cashback on card purchases
Monthly interest payout


  • Amount of card purchases - is equal to or more than 50 EUR per month
  • ATM withdrawals, card-to-card transfers, and transfers to other financial services are excluded from the cashback calculations.

2% Cashback on Amazon
Monthly cashback payout


  • Purchases must be made on Amazon
  • The maximum monthly cashback amount is 50 EUR


Who can become a member of the Bonus Program?

Any Blackcatcard user over 18 years of age can become a member of a Bonus Program.

Where can I read the terms of the Bonus Programs?

You can find the terms and conditions of the Bonus Programs tapping the link "Terms & Conditions".

Is the Bonus Program mandatory?

You can cancel the Bonus Program at any time. However, with the program disabled, you will not be able to receive bonuses for your purchases.

How fast will the bonus program become available after I enable it?

The bonus program becomes available immediately after you enable it.

What do I need to activate the Bonus program?

The bonus program is activated straight after you register with the Blackcatcard application (link to the website). You can always refuse to use it or choose another bonus program.

Can I use two Bonus programs simultaneously: 2.2% a year and 0.1% cashback on card purchases?

According to the terms and conditions of these programs, only one Bonus program at a time is available to customers.

When would I receive the interest from the Bonus Program?

Accrual occurs once a month in the middle of a new month.

How do I disable the Bonus program?

You need to disable the bonus program in the Blackcatcard application in the "Cashback" section.

How quickly will I receive a top-up on my Blackcatcard account using a top-up code?

Immediately after successfully entering the top-up code.

How to activate the Blackcatcard top-up option using a top-up code?

To activate the top-up function using the code, subscribe to one of the bonus programs.

What is Blackcatcard?

Blackcatcard is a banking application with a wide range of services, namely: an IBAN account, primary and additional cards, a mobile application, an Internet bank, and several affiliate programs.

Where can I find detailed information on the Blackcatcard?

Detailed information can be found on our home page: https://blackcatcard.com.