2% Cashback on Amazon

To receive cashback on your purchases at Amazon, excluding the usage of discounted gift cards and cashback websites, you may use Blackcatcard or Gekkard. As a company, Amazon doesn’t provide cashbacks itself. However, instead, you can adjust the way you make the purchase to receive a cashback discount.

Imagine being able to receive cashback whenever you make a purchase on Amazon. Luckily for you, you may simply use Blackcatcard or Gekkard as the payment tool for your Amazon purchases and earn 2% back from the goods’ price.

How does it work? Just use your Blackcatcard or Gekkard to pay for your Amazon purchases. No additional link to the Amazon site is needed and it does not matter if you are a Prime member of Amazon or not in order to receive the cashback.
The calculation period is from the 1st day of the previous calendar month to the 1st day of the current calendar month (including the first day but not the last). The monthly payment for the calculations made for the previous calendar month is made within the first 10 business days of the current month.

The maximum monthly cashback amount is 50 EUR.